Monday, November 28, 2005

A big THANK YOU to all respondents of my pre-test survey!

Thanks for taking the survey and offering me your suggestions!
Thank you so much (in no particular order...) Angelia, Dawn & friends, Willie (?), Ian, Sharlene, Eng Beng & friends, Pammy & friends, Sharlene, and anyone else I may have missed out.

I have closed the pre-test survey and am re-formulating the questions for the final questionnaire.

Results of the pre-test survey will be posted on this blog so you can have a look -- before the end of today.

It's been a hectic weekend.

I worked on Saturday and Sunday as I had to take some weekdays off last week but nonetheless, it was fun working with R. and En. and Em. over the weekend. I'll miss two of my co-workers now that they've made travelling/backpacking/official internship plans.

Till later!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Newsy byte and some progress in sending out pre-test questionnaires

Before I start updating my progress in sending out the pre-test questionnaires, I'll mention a little about the furore in Malaysia over the alleged abuse of Chinese woman who was detained by Malaysian police (the latest of many cases of young Chinese women being badly treated).

The abuse-scandal was splashed all over Malaysian papers after a politician was shown a secret cell phone video clip supposedly showing a young Chinese woman being asked to strip and do ear-burpees (see photo & caption on the right taken off web) by a woman police officer recently.

Malaysian police and immigration officers are accused of targeting Chinese women in the belief that many are involved in prostitution and vice activities.

It's unfortunate that tourists from China are subjected to unfair and possibly criminal treatment but it shows just how pervasive the perception of Chinese nationals engaging in vice is across the Causeway.

While it's politically incorrect to do so, coffee-shop-(and gossipy taxi/cab drivers'-) talk is rife about Chinese nationals who solicit in broad daylight not just in red light districts but also in 'respectable' residential areas.

If you recall, there was a series of much-talked about affairs of Chinese (female) nationals here sometime last year. Across the Causeway, things are no different.

It leaves a bad taste in the mouths of Chinese nationals who are going about their own very legitimate business of working/studying/travelling in various countries, I'm sure.

Anyway, back to the progress of my dissertation survey, I've sent it out to more people and asked some more colleagues to help me out.

Hopefully I can get the responses sent to my prof and the real survey can start.

An email from Dawn confirmed my suspicions -- that many bloggers (in Singapore, esp.) aren't willing to identify themselves because you just don't know who's reading your blog. And many people here aren't even willing to let their co-workers/supes /organisations know they are blogging.

This is nothing new, we've grown up respecting authority and even in the privacy of our online diaries -- pass-word-protected or otherwise -- we are not willing to identify ourselves.

I'll write more about issues concerning privacy on employee blogs tomorrow.

How I came to attempt this thesis topic

Before I start, am glad to say that my pre-test questionnaire is up, so please help me fill it in:

The final survey will be modified based on your feedback and suggestions -- hopefully I can get enough responses in this phase (I need 5-10) to be able to push ahead with the final survey.

And a big Thank You to Pammy, Yanling, Dawn for agreeing to help me post a link and fill in the survey:-)

I couldn't update this blog as promised the day before because the snores took over and I just had to catch up on some sleep -- by the time I got up, it was time to get to work!

Anyway, my initial theis proposal had little to do with employee blogging -- it was on blogging and the virtual community.

But after fumbling about and not being able to any leads, as well as several sets of email tennis and face-to-face meetings with my prof, I decided on this present thesis.

In Singapore, there is little (or some/most will say there is no) freedom of speech. Make that a bigger pain in the ass by taking a couple of really irresponsible so-called bloggers who publish their bigoted views and this is what you get.

After searching through a database of articles on blogging activities in Singapore, the urge to do this topic became stronger and so I wrote to my prof, came up with a list of survey questions and we decided that I should go ahead.

I haven't worked overseas but over here, most organisations have a top-down corporate culture. Which is perhaps why most bloggers think twice about revealing their identities on their blogs -- there is always an element of 'what if (my boss/co-workers/etc)' find out that I'm writing about them/work-related matters.

There have been no reports of anyone being dooced yet, and I hope that won't happen but never know.

Will update later in the day....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Newsy news snippets

Am going to be at work till 12.30am - yes, it's been a looooong day/night. I'm physically here at my work station but my mind is on that pre-test survey, I hope it gets cleared by my prof soon so that I can send it to a select audience soon.

Here are some news snippets/necessary distractions that caught my eye today:

Florida teacher pleads guilty to sex with student, 14
TAMPA (Florida) - A female teacher (yep, that's her on the right, picture was taken off the web) pleaded guilty on Tuesday to having sex with a 14-year-old student, avoiding prison as part of a plea agreement.

Debra Lafave, 25, whose sensational case made tabloid headlines, will serve three years of house arrest and seven years' probation. She pleaded guilty to two counts of lewd and lascivious battery.

-- whatever was she thinking?!

Enough of salacious news, I'll stop here for tonight. More on why I chose employee blogs as a dissertation topic tomorrow.

Pre-test questionnaire launched

As you can see, I've been code-happy for the better part of this morning.

Added: 1) Links to Corporate Blogging Policies
2) A tag-board (message me, quik!)
3) Site-meter counter to keep track of visitors

After my prof vets the online survey, I'll send my pre-test questionnaire link to my test audience:

Let's hope there are not too many changes and that I'll get valuable feeback.

Do you know of anyone who has incurred the wrath of co-workers/bosses for writing about work on their blogs? Share your story on the comment box, I'll be really grateful!

It needn't be anything as dramatic as being dooced, and you needn't have been grounded.

Would be great to hear your side of the story:-)

Ready to go -- soon

Ok, I've just got an e-mail from my prof that the pre-test questionnaire is rdy. I'll post it on by tonight. Will update soon.

Pre-test Employee Blog Survey

I've just completed my first draft of the Employee blog questionnaire.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, it's being vetted by my prof. Let's hope I can get started soon!