Monday, November 28, 2005

A big THANK YOU to all respondents of my pre-test survey!

Thanks for taking the survey and offering me your suggestions!
Thank you so much (in no particular order...) Angelia, Dawn & friends, Willie (?), Ian, Sharlene, Eng Beng & friends, Pammy & friends, Sharlene, and anyone else I may have missed out.

I have closed the pre-test survey and am re-formulating the questions for the final questionnaire.

Results of the pre-test survey will be posted on this blog so you can have a look -- before the end of today.

It's been a hectic weekend.

I worked on Saturday and Sunday as I had to take some weekdays off last week but nonetheless, it was fun working with R. and En. and Em. over the weekend. I'll miss two of my co-workers now that they've made travelling/backpacking/official internship plans.

Till later!


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