Friday, November 25, 2005

How I came to attempt this thesis topic

Before I start, am glad to say that my pre-test questionnaire is up, so please help me fill it in:

The final survey will be modified based on your feedback and suggestions -- hopefully I can get enough responses in this phase (I need 5-10) to be able to push ahead with the final survey.

And a big Thank You to Pammy, Yanling, Dawn for agreeing to help me post a link and fill in the survey:-)

I couldn't update this blog as promised the day before because the snores took over and I just had to catch up on some sleep -- by the time I got up, it was time to get to work!

Anyway, my initial theis proposal had little to do with employee blogging -- it was on blogging and the virtual community.

But after fumbling about and not being able to any leads, as well as several sets of email tennis and face-to-face meetings with my prof, I decided on this present thesis.

In Singapore, there is little (or some/most will say there is no) freedom of speech. Make that a bigger pain in the ass by taking a couple of really irresponsible so-called bloggers who publish their bigoted views and this is what you get.

After searching through a database of articles on blogging activities in Singapore, the urge to do this topic became stronger and so I wrote to my prof, came up with a list of survey questions and we decided that I should go ahead.

I haven't worked overseas but over here, most organisations have a top-down corporate culture. Which is perhaps why most bloggers think twice about revealing their identities on their blogs -- there is always an element of 'what if (my boss/co-workers/etc)' find out that I'm writing about them/work-related matters.

There have been no reports of anyone being dooced yet, and I hope that won't happen but never know.

Will update later in the day....


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