Friday, November 25, 2005

Newsy byte and some progress in sending out pre-test questionnaires

Before I start updating my progress in sending out the pre-test questionnaires, I'll mention a little about the furore in Malaysia over the alleged abuse of Chinese woman who was detained by Malaysian police (the latest of many cases of young Chinese women being badly treated).

The abuse-scandal was splashed all over Malaysian papers after a politician was shown a secret cell phone video clip supposedly showing a young Chinese woman being asked to strip and do ear-burpees (see photo & caption on the right taken off web) by a woman police officer recently.

Malaysian police and immigration officers are accused of targeting Chinese women in the belief that many are involved in prostitution and vice activities.

It's unfortunate that tourists from China are subjected to unfair and possibly criminal treatment but it shows just how pervasive the perception of Chinese nationals engaging in vice is across the Causeway.

While it's politically incorrect to do so, coffee-shop-(and gossipy taxi/cab drivers'-) talk is rife about Chinese nationals who solicit in broad daylight not just in red light districts but also in 'respectable' residential areas.

If you recall, there was a series of much-talked about affairs of Chinese (female) nationals here sometime last year. Across the Causeway, things are no different.

It leaves a bad taste in the mouths of Chinese nationals who are going about their own very legitimate business of working/studying/travelling in various countries, I'm sure.

Anyway, back to the progress of my dissertation survey, I've sent it out to more people and asked some more colleagues to help me out.

Hopefully I can get the responses sent to my prof and the real survey can start.

An email from Dawn confirmed my suspicions -- that many bloggers (in Singapore, esp.) aren't willing to identify themselves because you just don't know who's reading your blog. And many people here aren't even willing to let their co-workers/supes /organisations know they are blogging.

This is nothing new, we've grown up respecting authority and even in the privacy of our online diaries -- pass-word-protected or otherwise -- we are not willing to identify ourselves.

I'll write more about issues concerning privacy on employee blogs tomorrow.


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