Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pre-test questionnaire launched

As you can see, I've been code-happy for the better part of this morning.

Added: 1) Links to Corporate Blogging Policies
2) A tag-board (message me, quik!)
3) Site-meter counter to keep track of visitors

After my prof vets the online survey, I'll send my pre-test questionnaire link to my test audience:

Let's hope there are not too many changes and that I'll get valuable feeback.

Do you know of anyone who has incurred the wrath of co-workers/bosses for writing about work on their blogs? Share your story on the comment box, I'll be really grateful!

It needn't be anything as dramatic as being dooced, and you needn't have been grounded.

Would be great to hear your side of the story:-)


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