Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nearly 70 percent of companies have no guidelines for Employee Blogging: survey

Almost 70 percent of companies have no policies or guidelines in place for employee bloggers, a recent Edelman/Intelliseek survey found out.

A Friendster employee Joyce Park, who was given the sack last year for criticising the company on her personal blog lamented that Friendster "did not have any policy, and didn't give me any warning."

I don't think many companies here in Singapore have a set of guidelines for employees who blog. And not many have included guidelines for blogging in their existing company policies.

An aside from research thoughts, whatever happened to Malaysian blogger's site, sixthseal.com? I'm not going to provide a link to cached copies of his site because I certainly don't advocate the use of drugs for recreational purposes. I don't know if those pictures of him taking drugs were for real but his other postings on food, friends, the clubbing scene and life in general in Malaysia was fascinating.

I can understand why the authorities clamped down on him but seriously, his blog made me NOT want to go near any of those substances he was taking. I'll miss his lucid, humorous writing.

Will write again soon ...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Snapshot survey results and the "studied minuet" between bloggers and audience

Thanks to all who have taken part in my survey so far;
to Pradeep who blog-linked me -- I stumbled Pradeep's blog and found out that he graduated from NTU!
Thanks also to Andrew Coates, from Australia,

and to Sivasothi aka Otterman, who works at the National University of Singapore's Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, - is someone I interviewed many moons ago about the Mac Meetup group in Singapore.

And now, a snapshot update on the results of my on-going survey, 67 out of 93 respondents say they identify themselves on their blog.
Of these, 61 of 93 say they post pictures of themselves, people they know/work with and places that they visit/work at on their blog.
That's a pretty strong indication that most people who blog about work are really open about giving out information about their work.

Does this mean that a lot of employee bloggers are not buying U.S. civil rights group, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's advice on How to Blog Safely (About Work Or Anything Else)? I'll only know when the survey has closed.

Meanwhile, here's a paper I read last night on motivations for blogging and the extent of social interactivity concerning the bloggers that the authors studied.

One thing that struck me on how right the authors were: "Readers create blogs as much as writers...", they gave an excerpt of email exchanges between two bloggers about the discussion of racial stereotypes. A discussion about race, as the authors pointed out are always potentially inflammatory - was well handled by the bloggers after they had emailed each other privately and then, posted their discussions on their blogs.

The authors concluded that "blogs, then, are a studied minuet between blogger and the audience. Bloggers consider audience attention, feedback and feelings as they write."

Right indeed, I think for many bloggers, reading and responding on a regular basis, or at least at crucial moments to comments and emails from fellow bloggers or blog readers are just as important as the entries that they post on their blogs.

If you've any stories to add about the "minuet" between bloggers and their audience, do post a comment:-)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Got a nice email from Robert Scoble, Microsoft's technical evangelist

I'm plugging away at sending these invitational e-mails to take part in my survey at 12.30 am when I get an email from celebrity blogger Robert Scoble who is Microsoft's technical evangelist.
The gist of his message was that he'd try to link my survey on his blog...he's currently taking a train that's running at 200mph with no Internet connection.
So I replied, thanking Robert and wishing him a safe and enjoyable journey.
I had written to Robert earlier on Saturday requesting him to link my survey on his widely-read blog.
It was a total gamble on my part, seeing how busy he is!
Robert recently penned a book on business blogging called Naked Conversations with Shel Israel.
The way he blogs about work was one of the reasons that piqued my interest in the impact of employee blogs.
It's early days yet for work blogs. Here in Singapore, we've had a rash of negative publicity over racist bloggers, slanderous bloggers, you name it.
Every outspoken blog has its day, so maybe somewhere out there, a made-in-"Uniquely Singapore" work/employee blog will see its name in neon lights soon!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Latest update on survey results: Some demographics and information about Employee Bloggers

Okay, I've just had a look at the survey data and want to share it with you.

Demographics: There are currently 32 respondents who completed the entire survey. Here's the breakdown :
From : Singapore - 21
United States - 4
Malaysia - 4
Denmark - 1
United Kingdom - 1
Australia - 1

Interesting answers to some questions in my survey

Q: What motivated you to start blogging about work?
-- People always ask about my job. (Doesn't that sound familiar? :-> )
-- Sometimes it's just stress, so I needed an outlet.
-- I was invloved in the marketing campaign for the first Asian corporate blogging campaign.
-- I post about anything I find interesting/annoying/amusing, and work can sometimes encompass all three.
-- It was an experiment. Also, I wanted to let more people know what exactly does a public librarian

Okay, I'll post more throughout the day. Please fill out the entire survey if you haven't taken it yet -- it takes 20 minutes at the most -- your co-operation is much appreciated!

To all survey respondents: Please fill in the entire survey, tks!

Just a short post before I send out more e-mail invitations.

Can I request that all survey respondents fill in the ENTIRE survey? The survey program lists 108 respondents, an encouraging number given that my email invitations were sent out only 4 days ago.

But on careful examination, only 31 respondents completed the entire survey. Please try and complete my survey otherwise the information cannot be used in my research.

Also, survey respondents can only be entered in a lucky draw if they've filled in the entire survey and allow me to read their blogs for a qualitative study.

There are over 50 short multiple-choice-style questions in my survey.

Thank you for your co-operation!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Results of pre-test survey on employee bloggers available by Sunday & tks to all who've helped to link my on-going survey

Results of the pre-test survey -- I'll try to post it here by Sunday.Meanwhile, I've sent it to those who asked for it via email. If u can't wait till Sunday, email me anytime:-)

Thanks to all who have kindly blog-linked me -- thank you so much to :
1)tomorrow.sg editors
Agagooga(whom I first came across after Googling his avatar "wo hen nankan" -- now that's another stry, email me to find about hilarious "wo hen" phenomena)and Cowboy Caleb

2)Gunnar from Frederikssund in Denmark who blog-linked me on
Langemarks Cafe I came across his very informative blog while research-surfing.

3)...And of course to my SCI/IS 'senior', the rapier-witted Ivan Chew aka rambling librarian for his suggestions.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Take part in Survey on Employee Blogs and win US$50 Amazon.com gift cert

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. My prof approved the questions and I'm in the midst of sending out invitation e-mails to take the survey.

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get a good response rate (i.e. a decent sample size).

Will update later!