Thursday, December 08, 2005

Got a nice email from Robert Scoble, Microsoft's technical evangelist

I'm plugging away at sending these invitational e-mails to take part in my survey at 12.30 am when I get an email from celebrity blogger Robert Scoble who is Microsoft's technical evangelist.
The gist of his message was that he'd try to link my survey on his blog...he's currently taking a train that's running at 200mph with no Internet connection.
So I replied, thanking Robert and wishing him a safe and enjoyable journey.
I had written to Robert earlier on Saturday requesting him to link my survey on his widely-read blog.
It was a total gamble on my part, seeing how busy he is!
Robert recently penned a book on business blogging called Naked Conversations with Shel Israel.
The way he blogs about work was one of the reasons that piqued my interest in the impact of employee blogs.
It's early days yet for work blogs. Here in Singapore, we've had a rash of negative publicity over racist bloggers, slanderous bloggers, you name it.
Every outspoken blog has its day, so maybe somewhere out there, a made-in-"Uniquely Singapore" work/employee blog will see its name in neon lights soon!


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