Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Latest update on survey results: Some demographics and information about Employee Bloggers

Okay, I've just had a look at the survey data and want to share it with you.

Demographics: There are currently 32 respondents who completed the entire survey. Here's the breakdown :
From : Singapore - 21
United States - 4
Malaysia - 4
Denmark - 1
United Kingdom - 1
Australia - 1

Interesting answers to some questions in my survey

Q: What motivated you to start blogging about work?
-- People always ask about my job. (Doesn't that sound familiar? :-> )
-- Sometimes it's just stress, so I needed an outlet.
-- I was invloved in the marketing campaign for the first Asian corporate blogging campaign.
-- I post about anything I find interesting/annoying/amusing, and work can sometimes encompass all three.
-- It was an experiment. Also, I wanted to let more people know what exactly does a public librarian

Okay, I'll post more throughout the day. Please fill out the entire survey if you haven't taken it yet -- it takes 20 minutes at the most -- your co-operation is much appreciated!


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