Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nearly 70 percent of companies have no guidelines for Employee Blogging: survey

Almost 70 percent of companies have no policies or guidelines in place for employee bloggers, a recent Edelman/Intelliseek survey found out.

A Friendster employee Joyce Park, who was given the sack last year for criticising the company on her personal blog lamented that Friendster "did not have any policy, and didn't give me any warning."

I don't think many companies here in Singapore have a set of guidelines for employees who blog. And not many have included guidelines for blogging in their existing company policies.

An aside from research thoughts, whatever happened to Malaysian blogger's site, sixthseal.com? I'm not going to provide a link to cached copies of his site because I certainly don't advocate the use of drugs for recreational purposes. I don't know if those pictures of him taking drugs were for real but his other postings on food, friends, the clubbing scene and life in general in Malaysia was fascinating.

I can understand why the authorities clamped down on him but seriously, his blog made me NOT want to go near any of those substances he was taking. I'll miss his lucid, humorous writing.

Will write again soon ...


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