Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Results of pre-test survey on employee bloggers available by Sunday & tks to all who've helped to link my on-going survey

Results of the pre-test survey -- I'll try to post it here by Sunday.Meanwhile, I've sent it to those who asked for it via email. If u can't wait till Sunday, email me anytime:-)

Thanks to all who have kindly blog-linked me -- thank you so much to :
1)tomorrow.sg editors
Agagooga(whom I first came across after Googling his avatar "wo hen nankan" -- now that's another stry, email me to find about hilarious "wo hen" phenomena)and Cowboy Caleb

2)Gunnar from Frederikssund in Denmark who blog-linked me on
Langemarks Cafe I came across his very informative blog while research-surfing.

3)...And of course to my SCI/IS 'senior', the rapier-witted Ivan Chew aka rambling librarian for his suggestions.


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